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Cafe Kino is a not-for-profit, and completely unfunded, arts space.

We are committed to supporting DIY arts and grassroots activism, and aim to work with promoters, groups, organisations, and individuals who share the qualities, outlooks and values that are important to us.

The events side of Cafe Kino (as well as other areas of the co-op) rely heavily on the voluntary time and effort given by our staff, who work hard to bring you a programme that we are very proud of.


We are proud to be an all-ages venue. There are no age restrictions on any events at Cafe Kino unless otherwise stated.

The main entrance to the cafe is step-free and on the ground floor. However, most events take place in the basement area. Unfortunately, due to building restrictions, this space is only accessible by

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SAT 29 OCT 11

a year with the middle ones
+ Jackolantern
+ The Middle Ones

8.00pm - 10.30pm

Each month this year, we've been lucky enough to be joined by our resident band, THE MIDDLE ONES, who have curated an unshakably amazing line-up for each show (Nan Turner, Rozi Plain, Halo Halo, Headfall, Best Friends Forever and The Balky Mule are just some of the artists who have appeared at their request). We are very pleased to say that this month is no exception with BUCKY and JACKOLANTERN taking the stage alongside Anna and Grace!

BUCKY are one of Bristol’s most beloved, yet determinedly modest bands. And whilst modesty is usually refreshingly welcome from most artists, it is not necessary from a band who pack more wise-acre talent, promise and punch into one two-minute song than most people do in a lifetime!

The duo of Simon Roberts (guitar, ‘handsome’ singing) and Joff Winterhart (drumming, backing vocals/yelps) sound much bigger than their minimal set up of vintage, fold-away amplifier and two-piece drum kit would lead you to believe, and in other ways also, they are much greater than the sum of their parts – producing a chemistry that can’t be re-created; in fact, a personality that can’t be separated!

Taking their musical cues from obscure rock’n’roll, girl groups, and country singers, they squeeze those pips ‘til what comes out the other side is a set of frantically catchy, hyperactive punk trash pop songs about pet dogs, libraries, swimming pools and other normally-ignored sides of life! These are songs of half-forgotten summers – whimsical and painful and silly, and such things as love is made of. And they make it look easy; but so does Jonathan Richman; so did The Ramones; but to so finely balance those lyrical-smarts with that punk-energy and bubblegum-attitude takes a style of genius that doesn’t show its face very often.

This is no annoying forced whimsy; it’s not even just a humorous swipe at life’s oddities. The fact is, Bucky are not merely humorous, live they are actually hilarious, and not from pitfall or spectacle (though that can be a bonus!) – they are a genuinely quick-witted duo, who’s comic-timing stems from a life-long friendship and a self-deprecating humility. In a lesser band, this comedy ‘act’ (it’s no act!) would outshine the musical output, but when you have songs as great Bucky, and the energy it takes to perform them like they do, it’s clear that they don’t need a shtick to hide behind. What we actually get to witness on stage are two best-friends doing what they love because they love it - and their amazement that everyone else in the room loves it as much as they do!

Sometimes he is known as Chris East, the creator of beautiful illustrations and founder of DIY label Undereducated Music; sometimes he is known as Winston Echo, singer of lo-fi and touchingly sarcastic songs. Very occasionally he is JACKOLANTERN, the “terrifyingly arousing” halloween electro-trash performer.

Charmingly offensive and unnervingly confrontational, he should be everything you hate, but somehow you love everything about him. He is the trick and the treat, treading the fertile musical ground somewhere between Flavor Flav, Cher and The Bartman; Jackolantern and his band (which includes members of Northampton indie stars, The Retro Spankees) are your nightmares turned to dreams. The busted-up casio beats and cheap halloween trash is the glitter in the monster pop mess that you’ll be picking out of your fangs for weeks!

THE MIDDLE ONES are Anna Knowles (guitar, vocals) and Grace Denton (accordion, percussion, vocals). Although they are now divided between Manchester and Bristol, they manage to remain one very busy band! Regulars at Kino should be familiar with them by now, as this is their 10th show this year as our resident band!

Their debut album, It Is The Rehearsal That Will Make This (Stitch-Stitch/Discount Horse) is a triumph of melody and beautiful echoing tenderness. Vocal harmonies weave tender, honest songs that betray a knowing melancholie, as well as a care-free, starry-eyed joy for life - a joy for simply singing, for stamping feet, for shouting out loud.

The fact is, we love The Middle Ones, and to see them play is to know exactly why...

*Advance tickets for this show are only available in person from:

Here Shop & Gallery : : 108b Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RU : : 0117 942 2222

NB. advance tickets are subject to booking fee



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